New York Impressions


Long Island NY Photot Montage


A montage is a collection of still and/or moving images, that are put together to tell a story. Many times, the images are put

 to music to enhance the emotional experience of the story they tell. We carefully edit the photos provided whitch may consist

 of your favorite childhood to adult photos, family and friends or any images you choose to display in your video.


Whether your custom DVD is a unique gift or to share at a special event, such as a wedding, graduation, birthdays, holiday,

professional or personal tribute we offer a variety of packages starting at just $195 for up to 100 photos and more!


$195 for Up to 100 photos - 3 to 4 songs - Edited Photos - Captions

Photo Effects - Transitions - Add Short Video Clips



Samples of some transitions we offer in our photo montage videos

In addition, we also offer TV screens for your special event to display your photo montage video.
This includes 1 or 2 flat HD TVs, a  truss system and an attendant.